Nail Gaga Brochure Design

Saint Nicolas enjoys a great working experience when working with the dedicated professionals at Nail Gaga, a multi-award winning Nail brand, beautifying the UK & Europe’s fingers with the latest trends and designs brought to the market place.

From brand identity, to the marketing materials, Saint Nicolas have worked with Nail Gaga to help build their brand identity and in 2017, we worked together to produce the new 2018 ‘Fashion For Fingers’ brochure aimed at showing off the vast range of products and styles that Nail Gaga has available.

Everytime we put the Nail Gaga logo on artwork, we ensure it meets their brand values and maintain a brand that can be trusted. The 2018 design is no exception and we wanted to ensure each page of the brochure told a story and kept the viewer intrigued and interested in the mission of Nail Gaga.​

Hardcore Supplements – Retail Brand Identity

The Beast Inside Hardcore Supplements concept

The Saint Nicolas creatives were tasked in 2015 of developing a fierce retail brand identity for a new range of sports supplements called ‘Hardcore Supplements’. Aimed at the serious end-user in body muscle building and definition, the conceptual design around the packaging was to create a visual feeling of strength and power. The use of the dark colour pallet with neon highlights in yellow for the standard range and hot pink for the female aimed range of products gives Hardcore it’s memorable bold identity without dating the brand around an already saturated market place, where standing out on the shelf is key.

12 different packaging ranges were created in both unisex and female-aimed ranges alongside the marketing and promotional creatives to promote the new retail brand identity to the marketplace.

Hardcore Supplements is all about it’s core values, boldness, superior strength and maintaing it’s fun & enjoyable appeal.

Lonsdale Nutrition Packaging Re-design

Lonsdale Supplements Packaging Design

In 2014-15, Saint Nicolas worked with Sports Direct in order to refresh their ‘Lonsdale Nutrition’ Sport Nutrition in-store & online product ranges. Including over 70 different individual product ranges, Saint Nicolas worked with SD to develop the new retail packaging for the ranges including the label work, promotional graphics and final product rendering.

In development for a significant amount of time whilst Sports Direct provided label content including foreign market translations and full product data, Saint Nicolas worked alongside Sports Direct to refine and ready the launch of their new Lonsdale branding, which then launched in all their retail stores and online web presence.